Message from our founder

The world seems to be going crazy lately. Everything is overcomplicated and it's impossible to speak your mind anymore.

The idea behind Patriot is to send a message of freedom. We all need some energy to get over the madness.

image of Patriot energy drink founder Eric van Duyn sittion on top his Leopard I tank in 1981

Where it all began

Eric van Duyn served as a Leopard I tank commander in the 43rd Battalion. Later he even went on to train as a jet pilot in the air force. He is still a Patriot 40 years after serving his country.

Many years later, inspired by his military career and with an aim to effect change in this crazy world, Patriot was born.

Regardless of how many times we heard them, we always love his stories. From the exhilaration of stationing near the East German border during the Cold War, through endless marches during the frosty winters, it’s all part of our brand identity.

Sadly Eric passed away in 2023 after a long battle with cancer. He was 63 years old.

Eric, we thank you for all the hard work. It will be our honour to continue Patriot in your name.

image of Patriot classic energy drink being held by a soldier with sparks flying in the background

Where we are now

We are expanding Patriot around the world, delivering our message to you all, one at a time. All the while, we are staying true to our roots by keeping the company headquartered in Rotterdam.

We always prioritise our community so, if you are based in a country where Patriot is not available yet, be sure to send us a message through the website or social media and we will do our best to reach you soon.

image of 4 cans of Patriot classic energy drinks laying across ammunition magazines

Our philosophy

Since the beginning we always follow a no nonsense approach. We are not going to change the taste or content of our drinks. You should have the freedom to eat and drink what you like.

We strongly believe that patriotism is a virtue, a way of being and a universal trait. Be proud of who you are and where you belong.